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Rules update for the lessons (15.09.14)

If you arrive 15 minutes late or more to your lesson you automatically forfeit your lesson. This change was made by the growing amount of students not showing up in time causing overlapping lessons. If you know that you can't make it in time for your lesson you can cancel/reschedule it, but please notify me at least 12 hours ahead so I can make new plans.

Lesson price and duration change (16.07.14)

From now on a lesson will last 90 minutes instead of 60 and costs 20€ instead of 10€. I decided to make this change to make the lessons more efficient and due to the growing popularity of the coaching I decided that the little increased price is still very fair. Users who bought lessons before this change will get 90 minutes lessons instead of the old ones after Monday, 21st. This will make our lessons way more effective since we can play 2 games in a lesson now instead of only one. You can access the guides under the "Resource" tab.