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Get back on track (03.01.15)

First of all I would like to say Happy New Year 2015 to all of you. May 2015 be a prosperous year filled with happiness. As our holiday is ending, let's get serious and get back on track.
I'm back and are fully prepared to coach again. To book a lesson, click here. To contact me for further information, click here.

Christmas vacation (08.12.14)

I will be on Christmas vacation from December 14th to January 2nd, therefore during this period there won't be any lesson slot posted on Calendar.
However, if you really desire a coaching session, you could inquiry me and we will find a possible solution to make it possible.
Thank you very much, have a good one!

Website is up again (23.11.14)

Sorry for the inconvinience, the website has been a little bit down for 2 days, but now its up and running again!

Change in price (21.11.14)

Today I increased the price of the lessons from 20€ to 25€. Users who have bought their lessons already will not be affected by this change, it only matters for newly booked lessons.

Rules update for the lessons (15.09.14)

If you arrive 15 minutes late or more to your lesson you automatically forfeit your lesson. This change was made by the growing amount of students not showing up in time causing overlapping lessons. If you know that you can't make it in time for your lesson you can cancel/reschedule it, but please notify me at least 12 hours ahead so I can make new plans.